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BioTalentum Ltd is an RTD research intensive SME and a leading technology provider in Central & Eastern Europe, working on stem cell research and services. The company’s mission is research and development of novel human cellular systems for biomedical research, toxicology and drug testing. This is based on iPSC technology, neuronal and beta cell differentiation, 2D and 3D organoid and engineered neuronal tissue technologies. BioTalentum also provides technical services for research teams, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industry and regenerative medicine teams. BioTalentum Consulting branch provides professional support for H2020 proposal submission and management, dissemination and complementary training.

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The Cell Factory is a biotech company focused on development, clinical translation and commercialisation of the advanced extracellular vesicles biologic drugs and autologous stem cell therapies. The Cell Factory is a subsidy of Esperite Group (Euronext: ESP), a leading international company in the fields of biobanking, regenerative and predictive medicine established in 2000. The Cell Factory company is located in Belgium at the heart of the value chain of Esperite. It sits between stem cells cryopreservation and existing and future regenerative medicine treatments. The Cell Factory has two business units: The Cell Factory – Biotech and The Cell Factory – CDMO.