Annual Meeting 2017

Technology platforms for 3D cell culture

1214 September 2017, Albena, Bulgaria

The conference showcased how 3D cell culture technologies are revolutionising basic research, drug discovery and toxicity screening. The focus on how these current and emerging technologies are invaluable tools in new areas such as stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

The event highlighted:

  • the formation of tissue constructs in the laboratory, which create a more accurate representation of human physiology in vitro.

  • technology platforms to build surrogates of real tissue, considering the physical and chemical cues involved when creating such in vitro models.

  • exciting opportunities and latest innovations, tissue constructs, organoid techniques.

  • key developments in 3D and 4D bio-printing, fluid flow, and the ongoing debate of 2D vs 3D cell culture.

By developing more accurate models of this kind, alongside real tissues, it should reduce the number of animals used for testing. The new developments should allow for a safer translation from lab bench to clinical applications.


  • Tiziana Brevini, Action Chair, Italy

  • Alireza Fazeli, Action Vice‐Chair, UK

  • Milena Mourdjeva, MC Member, Bulgaria

  • Elena Kistanova, Substitute MC Member, Bulgaria

  • Soren Hayrabedyan, Scientific Secretary of IBIR ‐BAS, Bulgaria

  • Radostina Aleksandorova, MC Member, Bulgaria

Scientific committee

  • Stefan Przyborski, UK

  • Markus Rimann, Switzerland