Training school 2018

Dream it, print it, do it

29 January–2 February 2018, Ponte di Legno, Italy

A practical full immersion course of 3D printing

The CellFit Training School presented a direct practical approach to 3D systems from computer planning, to exporting and 3D printing. A session was dedicated to organ perfusion and decellularization to create scaffold for organ transplantation and replacement.

Numerous experts helped the trainees throughout four exciting days of sharing, learning and networking. An evening was also dedicated to highlighting the local natural and cultural heritage, exploring the Alpine ecosystem and discussing its protection and preservation.

Organizers of the training school

  • Tiziana Brevini, Action Chair, Italy

  • Alireza Fazeli, Action Vice‐Chair, UK

Area logistics

  • Stefano Giacomelli (IT)

Guest institution

  • UniMont

Scientific committee

  • Stefan Przyborski (UK)

  • Markus Rimann (CH)

  • Yonglun LUO (DK)

  • Bernard ROELEN (NL)