2020 CellFit Training School Feedback

“Meet the rising stars of emerging therapies”

Feedback from the 3rd CellFit training school looking at 3D Bioprinting to Extracellular Vesicle isolation and encapsulation for delivery

Thanks to the Training School, I have known people whose research is related to mine. It will be useful for me when I need any information about methods, data, experience...

Moreover, it will allow me to know first-hand many research groups where I could do a stay during my PhD program. I have found the lectures given so interesting and if I needed any of the techniques one day in my research, I would feel much more prepared. I think that in my near future I will not use them.

However, the topics covered are very current and I am sure that I will work with them one day. Specially, I have found the study of extracellular vesicles indispensable for understanding many aspects related to my research, which is gamete interaction. The way of giving the lectures has been great: first some theory followed by the practice time. I would like to thank you all for the effort to coordinate the practices. They have allowed me to understand better the concepts and remember them easier. Lastly, I would like to thank you all for organizing the Training School and give young researchers the opportunity to create our own network.

Alba, Spain

This was the first time I encountered an experimental technique for the manipulation of extracellular vesicles. I can say that the lecture of 3D printing was highly useful. Since I am assisting some courses, now I can implement all I have learned and print the figures that will help my students to understand the elementary principles of the courses I assist. I enjoyed the lectures given by two amazing scientists, Professor Alireza Fazeli and Professor Sergio Ledda. Even now, two months later I can remember how interesting and useful those lectures wereAt the wet lab sections, we had an opportunity to see and practice the most common techniques in EV manipulation: isolation and encapsulation. It was very interesting and useful. I cannot omit the fact that I had an amazing time during the whole training school, but the most impressive moments were definitely on the glacier. I will remember that for the rest of my life.

Emina, Bosnia Herzegovina

The training school was an excellent opportunity to open your mind to new ventures and ideas, and get to you other scientist like you. Amazing and fun time to interact and expand your network of possibilities.

Javier, Israel

First of all, I would like to thank you again for the amazing opportunity. It was truly a memorable experience, where new techniques and principles were learned, as well as interesting connections and friends were made. As for some pictures summarising my experience, I selected some unforgettable things: a breathtaking view, the infamous Bombardino and last but not least: complete strangers becoming friends. Thanks again for the amazing experience and lectures!

Laurens, Belgium

I was very honored to be accepted to the training school and to improve my skills and gain some knowledge in th area of 3D cell culturing. Your team is very helpful, friendly, interesting, skillful, patient and amazing. I really enjoyed every single day. The organisation is great in sense of having time to network with new people, share ideas and skills. I was happy to get many answers for my PhD thesis problems by discussing with others and mostly Prof. Ledda about it. Also, we had time to get to know Ponte di Legno and enjoy the mountains. All of us are thankful for that, I believe.

Lejla, Bosnia-Herzegovina

I thought the training school was very Ipful and insightful for several reasons: I was exposed to and had hands-on experience with a new EV isolation method that I can implement in my research.

The lecture "Efficient delivery of EVs and cells using encapsulation devices" gave me a new idea on how to check the effect of collected EVs in my system.

I had the opportunity to network and discuss my challenges and exchange ideas with other young researches.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Rita, Israel

The Training School was great, I can say magnificent. I met so friendly, easy-going people, some of them so young and all so smart, creative, innovative and so on. Ponte di Legno- wonderful mountain place. All of the lectures were useful, but most or me was "The basic knowledge required for working with extracellular Vesicles" and the protocol for purification of EVs. Special thanks also to Norhayati Binti Liaqat Ali Khan. And special thanks for all of the lecturers, organizers and the Italian girls- Teresina, Jicole, Sharon and Marta. You are superb! It was an incredible adventure and it was an honor to be a part of it. Thank you!

Valeria, Bulgaria